Isaac Nikolai Fox

Hi, I'm Isaac!

I’m a designer, analyst, editor and writer, with a deep background in Physics and International Relations from the University of Toronto.

I recently returned to Vancouver after spending the last six years living in downtown Toronto. I am currently looking to take on new challenges in any of the following fields: data science, business analysis, technical or creative writing, project management,  or content creation.

Right now, my main focuses are digital and print design, data science, writing, and project management.  I led a team of eleven writers in producing a music magazine in 2018-2019, and launched a 1000-copy run in April 2019. In November 2019, I released a 66-page academic journal that I designed from scratch and co-edited. In early 2020, I did print design for a new music magazine for NINETOFIVE Records that was slated to come out mid-2020, before being cancelled due to COVID-19, and created a machine learning model in Python to predict the scores of Pitchfork articles.

Besides all this, I’m an avid interviewer and teacher. I have five years of experience teaching everything from linear algebra to intermediate Cuban Salsa, and my interviews have been featured in A.Side, BeatRoute, Demo Magazine, Dive, NINETOFIVE, and cited in Genius.

You can reach out via email anytime at

Thanks for stopping by!

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