PR Activation

A pop-up coffee shop that (lightly) roasts you back.


Hootsuite bought a pop-up coffee stand at the Australian MarTech Symposium. My creative partner and I were asked to make it make sense. That meant naming the cafe, designing a menu, and connecting the activation back to social.

No strategy, a dinky budget, and total freedom.


First, we came up with #RoastedByHootsuite. Get it? ‘Cause coffee is roasted, and what do you do on social media? You roast people or you get roasted yourself. 

That name made a vital connection between coffee and Hootsuite’s core business, and gave us permission to poke cheeky, light-hearted fun at guests’ choices in drinks. 


The insult menu was the star of #RoastedByHootsuite. We roasted everyone’s coffee and dairy choices, and launched a scannable IG filter to extend the fun onto social. 

Personal faves included:

◆ Almond Milk:  You are allergic to dairy… and also joy. 

◆ Espresso: You did a semester in Europe and pretend you’re still there.

◆ Cappuccino: An Italian broke your heart and you never got over them.

To match the menu’s energy, we decked the cafe out in cheeky tweets about coffee. We also designed coffee sleeves that riffed on caffeine withdrawal and Vegemite, Australia’s bitter-tasting national spread. People loved it, and crucially, they posted about it. 


Isaac Nikolai Fox: Content Strategy + Insults 

Anne Buchan: Creative Direction + Gut-Checks

Laura Lilley: Global Marketing Lead

Anya Slowekno: Events Marketer