Somos Finance


Most banks are terrible at posting. We created a social-first finance brand so money-movers get inspired by Hootsuite's product demos.

Creative Strategy

It all started with the name: Somos, which means “we are” in Spanish.

Inspired by the title of a Venezuelan AM radio station, my creative partner Gian and I connected this name with the community-driven spirit of a credit union. That felt friendly, aspirational, and social, so we stretched that into a full brand.

Start your healthy money era with the Somos finance tracker.


Better money for everyone. That’s the tagline and animating spirit behind Somos, which aims to help people get their money right and live fuller lives. The target audience isn’t hardcore parkour day traders, it’s regular people. 

Finance is a complex space, though. Somos gently riffs on popular topics and misconceptions around money to make healthy money habits accessible. Picture a bank that goes to therapy… and also spends too much time online. Now you get it, right?

Don’t do it. It hurts you WAY more than it hurts us.
Enjoy stress-free vacays, nights out, and first dates with 2% cash-back rewards.


Heat up another plate of Corporate Memphis? Never, never that. We went straight to social, and drew inspiration from a Canadian community-run library, a popular therapist… and a Tide Pods™ competitor with dreamy gradients and crisp typography. 

This meant poppy pastels, high-contrast photography, neon gradients, and 3D vector art. Our logo is built off a rounded sans-serif, customized for display. We chose New Kansas for the typeface. It strikes that careful, careful balance between personality and legibility. 

Plan your monthly spending in the Somos app, then order sushi. 🍣


We mocked up 25 pieces of social content, so Hootsuite prospects see a calendar full of fun, eye-catching posts during product demos. This included single-image conversion ads, carousels, repurposed tweets, and even product shots. Plus, we created a few out-of-home activations to show how this brand would work IRL. 

And aren’t those neon credit cards a vibe? I want one.

Nobody’s got infinite money, but you can look the part.
Lol, what do you mean I have to pay for food, rent and bills? 🤔

Not all expenses are bad. Just pay your bills and keep it moving. 💸